• 8 May 2021

Computer monitoring – security

Keyturion as parental protection

The Keyturion application was created by a team that has been producing tracking software for years. Thanks to it, parents can effectively control the PCs and laptops at home, while having control over what their children use the computers for. The spectrum of Keyturion’s capabilities is enormous, but the most important advantage for parents is that it is simple to use and non-invasive for a computer.

Keyturion for parents – easy to install

Due to the fact that the application has been designed on the basis of many years of experience, it perfectly meets the needs of users. The installation process is very simple and intuitive. The application does not require additional configuration, for which you need to hire an IT specialist. The software is easy to set up and you can use all the available functions in no time.
It is extremely important for parents that Keyturion allows you to monitor what is happening on the computer, but also access what is happening on it in real time. One option that is useful for parents is that you can set alerts to go off when you perform a specific action on your computer. In such a situation, the program immediately sends an e-mail notifying about the unwanted activity. In addition, the application can send a screenshot immediately, which facilitates parental control.

What possibilities does the application give parents?

The possibilities of the application are huge.
You can use it for example for:

All this allows you to practically 100% control what children do on the computer and react appropriately. The access to the above data is very convenient because the application has a built-in data search engine. This makes it much easier to constantly monitor even many computers. The application is available in several versions that meet the diverse needs of parents struggling with various problems. This is really useful sollution – worth to buy.